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Bob WachtelBob Wachtel did not realize that he could make a difference until he became a founder of BWAM and a member of the Missoula Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB).  He never dreamed that he could be involved in public work championing a walk and bike friendly Missoula or that it was something for him.  Bob worked for more than 30 years at the University of Montana and liked to ride his bike the two miles each way to campus year round.  He never thought about going to public meetings or working on committees and boards.  It never crossed his mind that he could have so much influence and impact on what happens in Missoula.  When he retired, he decided he needed something more to do and upon seeing an ad for an opening on the BPAB, he applied for the volunteer position, not sure what he could offer.  He never thought of himself as someone who could influence community policy and he didn’t have a clue how fascinating it can be to be on the inside and learn how everything works.  One thing led to another.  Now he is one of the most influential citizens on bike and walk topics in Missoula and is colleague with scores of people, and finds it to be a huge source of purpose and satisfaction in his life.

If you have the slightest interest in improving cycling and walking in Missoula, come spend two hours with the BWAM Advocacy Team.  BWAM is providing a workshop about how to get involved in public processes on Wed. March 28, from 4-6 PM in the small conference at the library, Come and learn how to get involved in these Missoula processes that are currently addressing critical and fascinating topics related to biking and walking.  Even if you don’t think this is for you but are just curious, you are encouraged to attend.  One reason that Missoula is a great place to live is that we can positively influence what happens in our town in lots of different ways.

Register here.  Or contact Greg or Robin at BWAM if this time doesn’t work for you and you would like to explore this further some other time.

April 25th & 26th 2011
Jefferson School, 1700 South Ave. West

The “Journeys From Home” Elementary Traffic Education Program accentuates the positive, focuses on perception, decision making and mastering skills. The program supports what children like to do best; explore new places and experience new things. Each developmentally appropriate skill activity is classified by grade level. Every grade level has its own teacher’s manual and series of video vignettes.

For more information including contact information please see the following PDF documents: