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BFC LogoBill Nesper, Director of the Bike Friendly Community Committee of the League of American Bicyclists, announced during his presentation about the benefits of being Bike Friendly, that Missoula has achieved Gold Level after having been a Silver Level community since the program began in 2003. We, who bike in and around Missoula, know how much the cycling environment has improved over the years. We have now been recognized as attaining a status awarded to only 14 other previously selected Gold Level BFC’s. Missoula and Durango, Colorado awarded Gold Level BFC status.

As described on the League of American Bicyclists web site, “Applicant communities are judged in five categories often referred to as the Five E’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s some more bad news regarding the bill that was released by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Wednesday. There is a section of the bill that will create a mandatory side-path law on federal lands. The next actual vote or action on the bill may not be for several weeks when it reaches the Senate floor – so an on-line petition has been set up by the League of American Bicyclists to show outrage to this potential law.  A petition gives America Bikes Coalition the flexibility to “deliver” it at the most opportune moment. More action on other parts of the bill will also follow.

Read the League’s blog post about why the side-path law is a terrible step backwards for cyclist’s rights and then sign the petition. It’s fast and easy.

The Bicycle Friendly State program has again ranked all 50 states on their bike-friendliness. Montana has ranked 46 for 2011 with an overall grade of F. The rankings are based on overall scores to the ranking questionnaire that was sent to your state?s Bike Coordinator, and that you assisted in verifying many of the responses.

In response to the feedback we?ve received from many of you, as well as our Bicycle Friendly America advisory board, the category grade level was created to recognize efforts in a more categorized manner your work to improve conditions for bicycling that go unrecognized in the more dynamic and competitive ranking. Our hope is that this provides yet another tool within the program to explain the strengths and weaknesses of bicycling in your state. The category grades for Montana are:

  • F in Legislation
  • F in Policies & Programs
  • F in Infrastructure
  • F in Education & Encouragement
  • F in Evaluation & Planning
  • F in Enforcement

As with the previous years, the overall scoring was very close, with the separation of many states being the difference of just a few items. Passage of key legislation, updated traffic code, increased education programs or accurate funding reporting can lead to a significant impact on your state?s ranking. Within the next few weeks I will be sharing feedback with you and your coordinator on items that Montana did not score points on. Our hope is that you can use this feedback to form an action plan to address these items to further accommodate and encourage bicycling in your state.

For more information about “Bike Friendly” categories visit The League of American Bicyclists web page.