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Increase funding for bike & pedestrian infrastructure!

Last year, the League and Sierra Club released a report – “The New Majority: Pedaling Toward Equity” – that highlighted the prevailing disparities in safe biking and walking in low-income and communities of color nationwide.

Now, a bi-partisan bill in Congress, introduced by Rep. Albio Sires (D-NJ), would take steps to advance equity for bicyclists and pedestrians, and boost funding for bike/ped projects low-income communities.

Take action now – tell your member of Congress to support H.R. 3978! Read the rest of this entry »

The Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization invites the community to a Kick-Off Public Workshop on Thursday, March 8, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Parkside to participate and comment on the 2012 update of the Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan.

Do you have an idea for a new bike trail or sidewalk project?  Do you see the need for better bus service in your neighborhood?  Please bring your ideas to the workshop where your input can have an impact on what projects are constructed in the future. 

The 2012 Long Range Transportation Plan Update takes a comprehensive look at Missoula’s transportation system: sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, transit and vehicular transportation with the intended goal to identify transportation needs and lay out a plan on how to match these needs with available funding.  Read the rest of this entry »

Missoula: a great walk and bike friendly place to live and visit.  That’s our vision.  That’s what we are working towards in Missoula.  Thankfully we are well on our way.  But a lot needs to be done to keep making progress.  This year in particular there are many ways, small and large, that you can help keep Missoula moving in the right direction.  BWAM needs your help.

Of course, the mission of BWAM is to promote better facilities and programs to “make Missoula one of the best cities in North America for biking and walking”. BWAM grew out of a community interest to mobilize and focus community energies and efforts to make a real difference.

It is interesting, rewarding and fun to work on an issue or concern and positively impact it.  BWAM makes it easy for you to have that experience and find a way to help through its Advocacy Committee.   Check us out Wednesday, February 1, at 4:30-6 PM at the Liquid Planet. We meet once a month on the first Wednesday.  Learn about what is hot, the current status of activities, and what needs help.  We can match your interests and time with great volunteering that will be manageable and satisfying for you.

This year there are high profile issues such as the Russell St project and the sidewalk funding alternative.   New proposals like a treatment of the Van Buren Interstate 90 intersection or new trail sections are already in the design stage and there will be more. Read the rest of this entry »

BWAM, of course, wants to see the city’s sidewalk system completed as quickly as possible. Probably most of you do as well. One of the best ways to increase safe and appealing walking and some rolling for everyone-toddler to senior- is a complete sidewalk system.

BWAM is pleased that the Pedestrian Connection Subcommittee of the City Council has been formed which furthers a specific priority implementation goal of Missoula’s recent Active Transportation Plan. This subcommittee is scheduled to meet two more times in December and then submit its recommendations to the Public Works Committee.

Please consider contacting the City Council subcommittee members by email or phone and expressing three things (it is great timing for them to hear briefly from you):

1) Appreciate that they are tackling the unsexy topic of sidewalks. Belief that sidewalks are important, particularly for the most vulnerable. Consider the 8 and 80 principle: how safe is it for 8 and 80 year olds to walk out on streets that you know about that don’t have complete sidewalk system?

2) Support for revamping how we fund sidewalks so that there is much less of a burden on individual property owners. Bob Jaffe is leading the charge with a good new approach that is like health insurance, with the city as a whole paying the bulk of the costs.

3) Support for going beyond the status quo of what is currently invested annually in sidewalks to generating additional funds. We need to complete the sidewalk system sooner than in one hundred years. This could be done with Jaffe’s model and it could be done by aggressively pursuing some other promising funding ideas as well.
• Marilyn Marler (chair)
• Cynthia Wolken
• Dick Haines
• Bob Jaffe
• Pam Walzer
• Ed Childers

One of the best ways to increase safe and appealing walking and some rolling for everyone-toddler to senior- is a complete sidewalk system. Over the last few years, many Missoulians have recognized the need to find more effective ways to fund the replacement and addition of sidewalks in the city and to fill the many gaps more quickly. This has been a longstanding BWAM priority and there is an encouraging new development. The Pedestrian Connection Subcommittee of the Missoula City Council is currently meeting to address these concerns. The next meeting is November 16 in the Council Chambers and the discussion has been promising to date. Greg Oliver will be attending as the BWAM representative and will provide updates and more during the next few weeks. Please consider attending this meeting and expressing your support for making the completion of our sidewalk network a priority and finding better ways to equitably cover the costs. Contact Greg Oliver at 396-4805 or click here to e-mail Greg if you have questions or suggestions about this matter.