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Missoula: a great walk and bike friendly place to live and visit.  That’s our vision.  That’s what we are working towards in Missoula.  Thankfully we are well on our way.  But a lot needs to be done to keep making progress.  This year in particular there are many ways, small and large, that you can help keep Missoula moving in the right direction.  BWAM needs your help.

Of course, the mission of BWAM is to promote better facilities and programs to “make Missoula one of the best cities in North America for biking and walking”. BWAM grew out of a community interest to mobilize and focus community energies and efforts to make a real difference.

It is interesting, rewarding and fun to work on an issue or concern and positively impact it.  BWAM makes it easy for you to have that experience and find a way to help through its Advocacy Committee.   Check us out Wednesday, February 1, at 4:30-6 PM at the Liquid Planet. We meet once a month on the first Wednesday.  Learn about what is hot, the current status of activities, and what needs help.  We can match your interests and time with great volunteering that will be manageable and satisfying for you.

This year there are high profile issues such as the Russell St project and the sidewalk funding alternative.   New proposals like a treatment of the Van Buren Interstate 90 intersection or new trail sections are already in the design stage and there will be more. Read the rest of this entry »

The Milwaukee Trail Extension opening celebration Sunday was a great success in spite of the weather! Many thanks to Jeremy Flesch and all the other neighbors who made it happen and invited the community to share. Thanks especially to those neighbors who worked on the project, and especially to those who granted easements so this connection from Russell to Davis Streets could become a reality after well over a decade of work by Missoula Parks and Recreation staff and others. Many thanks to trails manager Dave Shaw and open space manager Jackie Corday for their tireless work, as well as Donna Gaukler and others at Parks and Recreation. Finally, thanks to the voters of Missoula City and County for passing the 2006 Open Space Bond which supplied the money to buy the easements. This is one of those projects that will positively impact thousands of people in the Missoula area. Included in the project is a safe bike-ped crossing at Russell Street.

Milwaukee Trail CrossingMilwaukee Trail Celebration

The Russell Street Final Environmental Impact Statement has been due for release since the Autumn of 2010. Watch for additional information regarding the public comment period and your opportunities to express Missoula’s needs and desires for this improtant travel corridor.