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Missoula Ride of Silence 2014
On a sunny and pleasant Missoula evening Missoula Mayor John Engen joined the preride gathering to proclaim May 21, 2014 as Ride of Silence day in Missoula Montana. After the Mayor’s proclamation we shared remembrances of those who have been killed in bicycle motor-vehicle crashes in the Missoula area in the past. Missoula has been fortunate to have had no bike rider fatalities in at least 2 years. After a reading of the Ride of Silence poem 8 bike riders proceeded to ride the 6.5 mile route and returned to the Missoula County Courthouse.

Thanks to KPAX for media coverage.

Ride of Silence LogoBWAM hosted the Missoula 2013 Ride of Silence at 7:00 pm on Wednesday May 15. Approximately 32 bicyclists participated in the 6.5 mile ride of remembrance of those cyclists who have been injured or killed in crashes with motor vehicles. We began with a presentation by Ethel MacDonald reminding us of the need for all road users to be courteous and mindful of others on the roads. A proclamation from Mayor Engen was read by Councilperson Alex Taft proclaiming May 15 as Ride of Silence Day in Missoula.

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  • Ethel MacDonald PresentsPresentation on why we ride and safety on the roads.
  • Ethel MacDonald PresentsPresentation on why we ride and safety on the roads.
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This year’s Missoula ride proceeded from the Missoula County Courthouse to Higgins Ave., SW Higgins Ave., Russell St., South Ave., Stephens Ave., Orange St., and Broadway St. return to the courthouse. KPAX TV provided video news coverage.

In remembrance of the recent pedestrian fatalities in Missoula, we also organized a simultaneous Walk of Silence. A small group of pedestrians walked from the courthouse to Higgins Ave., S. 3rd St., Orange St., Broadway and return to the courthouse.


Ride of Silence LogoBWAM will be hosting the 7th Annual Missoula Ride of Silence on May 15, 2013 beginning at the Missoula County Courthouse on Broadway. Please plan to arrive by 6:00pm for the 7:00pm ride that will travel approximately 6.5 miles. See the worldwide Ride of Silence website for more information  about this 10th anniversary ride and background about this important worldwide event.

Helmets will be required and while we invite riders of all levels, only bicycles and adult tricycles will be permitted and all riders must be comfortable riding for at least 1 hour at 12 miles per hour.

In addition to the Ride of Silence, BWAM will be organizing a simultaneous Walk of Silence. If you are not comfortable biking the 6.5 miles on busy streets, please consider joining others for a 1.6 mile walk to remember those pedestrians who have been killed or injured due to a motor vehicle crash.

Link to our Contact Form and select Ride of Silence to ask a question about how you can participate or help with the event.

BWAM has organized a Ride of Silence in Missoula for that past several years. This year’s Ride of Silence will be held Wed., May 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm. This international event was begun by Chris Phelan in 2002 to honor a friend who was killed in a bike/motor vehicle crash. Chris has now created a petition on the White House petition page.

We encourage you to sign on to this petition and participate in this year’s Ride of Silence wherever you may be. This petition needs a total of 100,000 signatures  by Feb 15, 2013 so that the White House will review and respond. Petition text:

Get on a bicycle and ride one of the Rides Of Silence with the rest of the country and the world, May 15, 2013, 7 pm

We respectfully petition the President and his staff to join The Ride Of Silence on May 15, 2013, 7pm for the boldest bike ride in history. Read the rest of this entry »

Ride of Silence GatheringStacie DeWolf

Over 50 Missoula cyclists representing all ages and abilities participated in the Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May 16 organized by Bike/Walk Alliance for Missoula.  The Ride of Silence is an international event held in cities around the world to remember victims of bike crashes on the roads and to raise awareness about the importance of safe sharing of the roads.  This year’s Missoula Ride of Silence, a slow, silent 6-mile ride, was led by a Missoula police car and a hearse donated by Garden City Funeral Home.   Many oncoming motorists on Third Street recognized this as a funeral procession and extended the courtesy of stopping, while on Reserve Street drivers passed at a reduced speed in the inside lane.  A few drivers who found themselves behind the procession on Mullan Road were overcome with impatience and passed in the left-turn lanes, an excellent reminder of one of the factors that leads to crashes and why we were riding.

Thanks to a huge pre-event effort by BWAM volunteers, this year’s Ride of Silence received good support and publicity so that its purpose of raising awareness for safe sharing of the roads was achieved.   Mayor John Engen read a Proclamation at the Monday City Council Meeting, which Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Bender read at the gathering at the County Courthouse prior to the ride.  City Council members Caitlin Coppel, Marilyn Marler, Dave Strohmaier, Jon Wilkins, and Cynthia Wolken signed on to a letter of support prepared by Jason Weiner.  A message of support from Jon Tester was read by Deborah Frandsen.  The police car escort and hearse commanded attention as well as providing safety and we thank the City of Missoula officials and departments and the Montana Department of Transportation for granting a Parade permit and Garden City Funeral Home for providing the leading hearse.  Thanks also to KECI-TV for extensive pre- and post-event coverage.Ride of Silence on Mullan Rd.Ride of Silence End