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Several BWAM board members recently attended a briefing by WGM Group about a Missoula Redevelopment Agency planning process on how best to spend a few million dollars in the Midtown area or sometimes referred to as URD III. Midtown is the area of Missoula that includes Brooks and Southgate Mall. It’s not common to have these kinds of funds to invest in the following, all of which can significantly increase walking and biking:

Basic Curb and Sidewalk Infrastructure Needs
These projects are recommended to improve pedestrian safety, aesthetics, property values, parking, drainage, street cleaning and maintenance. These include curbs and sidewalks that are missing or in poor condition, curb extensions, and median refuge crossings.
Transportation Network Improvements
These projects are recommended to improve connectivity and circulation within Midtown and to destinations outside the district. These include trail connections, bike routes, new traffic signals or roundabouts, street improvements, and new street connections.
Streetscape and Aesthetic Improvements
These projects are recommended to improve the identity, aesthetics, and character of Midtown. These include gateway signing, wayfinding, landscaping, and pocket parks

WGM is asking for feedback on the plan. Visit the WGM Midtown site to check out the details and consider weighing in on what you think is most important. They need to hear from you by December 2.