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Once again, BWAM will host the New Belgium Clips Beer and Film Tour in Missoula, and it will be even more fun for all of us if a film (or two!) from Missoula is selected for the tour! New Belgium is looking for under-5-minute films with original creative content that touches on craft beer, advocacy/activism, humor, culture, adventure, art, and fun! Just put all that on your bike and you should be a winner. Why bother? Here’s what New Belgium says:
“If we select your Film: What’s in it for you? Fame and beer-fortune. Yes, getting your film in front of thousands of beer and film-loving fans is no small feat. In 18 different cities, coast-to-coast, your film is up on the big screen and then potentially online and at New Belgium hosted events. But that’s not all… “
Visit the New Belgium website for all the fun details. Good luck! Be sure to let us know if your film is a winner.