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“Be an Informed, Courteous Driver” is the title of Debra Sension-Hall’s educational and thought-provoking guest column in the Thursday, October 24 Missoulian, and we encourage all of you to read, share, and discuss it. She writes, “Not all cyclists desire more bike lanes and separate infrastructure.  I do not and I am not interested in ‘more rights,’ just he ones I already have — which some motorists are not aware of because they do not cycle.” While I agree with Debra about asserting our right to the road (and nearly everything else she says), I do want more bike lanes and infrastructure, not so much for myself as for the “timid” or “interested but unsure” potential cyclists and the unskilled or slow cyclists like my developmentally disabled adult son. The more people who cycle for transportation, the safer the streets are for all of us, and I think improved bike infrastructure is key to increasing our numbers.   However, as Debra skillfully points out, bike lanes can sometimes be a dangerous place to cycle due to proximity to parked cars or other factors,  and when a cyclist needs to take the traffic lane, motorists need to respect their right to do so instead of getting angry. The key to better motorist/cyclist interactions and understanding is, as Debra illustrates, being courteous and informed.   Be sure to read the full guest column, and join the discussion by clicking the “comment” button below.

Bike Den LogoMissoula’s Downtown Bike Den

Open For Use

With the ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 the new Bike Den at the Mountain Line Transfer Station has officially opened. This great new facility provides covered parking for bicycles, a self-service bike repair station with tire inflator and display cases for bike commuter information. Stop by and check out this facility on Pine Street between Ryman and Woody Streets.

  • Missoula Bike Den at the Transfer Station Downtown
  • Missoula Bike Den Overview
  • Missoula Bike Den Overview
  • Den Security and vendingVending machine has snacks plus minor parts including replacement inner tubes.
  • Bike maintenance stand in the DenConvenient stand to hold your bike while you make adjustments
  • Bike maintenance stand in the DenConvenient stand to hold your bike while you make adjustments
  • Tools in the Bike DenBasic bike repair tools tethered to the bike stand.
  • Tools in the Bike DenBasic bike repair tools tethered to the bike stand.
  • Fill up your tires at the DenAir compressor with both Presta and Shrader connections and pressure indicator.
Missoula Bike Den at the Transfer Station Downtown1 Missoula Bike Den Overview2 Missoula Bike Den Overview3 Den Security and vending4 Bike maintenance stand in the Den5 Bike maintenance stand in the Den6 Tools in the Bike Den7 Tools in the Bike Den8 Fill up your tires at the Den9
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With the new 3-bike racks on the Mountain Line buses this Den makes for biking and busing in perfect harmony. These improvements were funded through a Federal Livability Grant obtained by Mountain Line to improve transportation services for Missoula.

The Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization invites the community to a Kick-Off Public Workshop on Thursday, March 8, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Parkside to participate and comment on the 2012 update of the Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan.

Do you have an idea for a new bike trail or sidewalk project?  Do you see the need for better bus service in your neighborhood?  Please bring your ideas to the workshop where your input can have an impact on what projects are constructed in the future. 

The 2012 Long Range Transportation Plan Update takes a comprehensive look at Missoula’s transportation system: sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, transit and vehicular transportation with the intended goal to identify transportation needs and lay out a plan on how to match these needs with available funding.  Read the rest of this entry »

MISSOULA, MONTANA (October 21, 2011) — U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced this week that Mountain Line has been awarded a $133,744 livability grant that will enable the agency to purchase 3-slot bike racks for all Mountain Line buses, install bike racks at 36 bus stop locations, and construct a unique bike station at the Mountain Line Downtown Transfer Center.  The bike station will feature covered, secure parking for bicycles, day use lockers, a self-serve bike repair station, and display cases for maps featuring bike trails, bike lanes, and other helpful information.

“Through the first two months of this fiscal year we have carried 1,170 more bicycles on Mountain Line than over the same period of time the previous year,” says Mountain Line General Manager Michael Tree. “Recognizing the need for a better bicycle facility at the Downtown Transfer Center, the architectural firm of MacArthur, Means, & Wells designed at no cost to the agency a unique bike station that will be a perfect addition to the downtown area.”

Preliminary Bike Shelter 2011

Preliminary Design Bike Shelter 2011

Other recent enhancements to Mountain Line include free Wi-Fi on all buses by Community Medical Center and BusTracker technology that allows customers to interact with their bus in real time on their computers and smartphones.  Looking to the near future, the agency will be conducting a Comprehensive Operational Analysis of its services and creating a Long Range Plan, with three initial public workshops scheduled for October 26th and October 27th.

Mountain Line carried a record 865,601 riders last year, which represents a 9% increase, or 73,948 additional rides over the previous year.  For more information, residents are encouraged to visit the agency’s web-site at