Missoula Bicycle/Pedestrian Program

This office’s mission is to reduce single-occupant motorized vehicle use and enhance non-motorized transportation options

Missoula’s Bike Safety Program

Created by the Missoula Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Office. Providing reference to State Laws, Road Use Tips and more.

Missoula Children and Nature

The Missoula Children and Nature is an alliance of agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals united by a common mission to advocate and facilitate the development of meaningful, life-long connections between children and the natural environment.

Missoula On-Line Map

  • Bike Lanes
  • Bus Stops and Route information,\
  • Parks

Missoula Parks & Recreation Trails & Bike System Map (Published Dec 2010)

Missoula In Motion

Mountain Biking Missoula

Your ONE stop for everything mountain biking in the Missoula Area.

Run Wild Missoula

Run Wild Missoula promotes and supports running and walking as sports for people of all ages and abilities.