November 2007

Thanks to everyone who supported BWAM at our Founding Dinner on November 10th. We now have over 90 members and affiliates! Missoula citizens voiced what is most important to them when it comes to improving biking and walking. Here are the top six:

1. Improve the connectivity of Missoula’s bike system
2. Better education of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians about laws
3. Biker/Pedestrian-friendly planning
4. More biking and walking facilities and services
5. Advocacy and promotion with public officials
6. Expansion of infrastructure

Special thanks to Keila Spzaller of the Missoulian and (although we would argue that BWAM is one of Missoula’s BEST acronyms!).

If you haven’t joined BWAM yet, please consider doing so. BWAM is committed to working on what is most important for Missoula and our members.