Advocate to our Delegation

Advocating for safe, accessible, biking and walking is a round-the-clock calling of BWAM. Our elected officials consistently make funding, policy, and project decisions that affect our community’s ability to rely on non-motorized infrastructure. This infrastructure is important for everyone in our community, both by those recreationally using facilities and those who rely on them as a primary means of transportation. It is up to us as community members to remind our elected officials of their responsibility to protect and expand non-motorized services as an integral part of our community, for the equitable, recreational, and economic benefits they provide.

Help us continue to hold our elected officials accountable to these decisions by contacting them and voicing your support for biking and walking infrastructure.

Missoula City Council

Missoula County Commissioners

Ravalli County Commissioners

Federal Officials

Proactive Discussions To Have With Your Representatives: