About Us

BWAM is a non-profit, member-driven, organization that began in 2000, established in 2007, to improve the safety, accessibility, and enjoyment of the Five Valley area by promoting and enhancing bicycling and walking for everyday transportation and recreation. We harness community power through advocacy in an effort to make Missoula one of the best cities in North America for bicycling and walking.

As an advocacy organization, BWAM takes its role as the voice of the biking and walking community very seriously. Over the course of the organization’s history, BWAM has participated and led many projects, community events, and advocated for non-motorized transportation infrastructure. Current and past board members alike sit on city and county boards and commissions, ready to advocate for biking and walking access for all. Everything BWAM has accomplished is completed because of the passion and dedication of our members and board. Click here to learn more about our projects and how you can be part of our ongoing efforts.

2016-2018 Strategic Plan

  1. Grow the membership base by 100% by the year 2018
    1. Redefine “membership” based on an economically just sliding scale
  2. Refocus “complete streets” advocacy energy and power on infrastructure projects within Missoula county
    1. Ensure BWAM presence on city/county decision-making bodies
    2. Establish a time-sensitive “call-to-action” strategy
  3. Be a regional support for biking and walking advocacy in Montana
    1. Maintain existing relationships with actors and advocates outside our area of focus
    2. Continue to draft letters of support for projects outside of our region