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Free Cycles Missoula was founded by Bob Giordano in 1996 with the idea that abandoned and unneeded bicycles could be used as one way to address traffic congestion and air pollution.   This past summer, 10,000 people came through the community bicycle shop for various purposes – they needed used parts, wanted  help for repair or building a bike, and they wanted to link to a community of people passionate about biking.

What started as a free-roaming green bike program where Missoula residents were invited to “ride me and leave me” has now grown into 5 bicycle service programs and an umbrella group, The Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation (MIST).  MIST works with BWAM, the City Bike-Ped Program and Board, Parks and Recreation, and a host of other advocates and city officials and employees to get bike lanes, trails, safe roads, roundabouts, better transit and even sustainable paving. Read the rest of this entry »

Announcing BWAM’s 1st ever BikeWalktoberFest Celebration!  Board member Ethel MacDonald spent some time bicycling in Germany earlier this year and she would like to share her experience with us.  And what better way to hear about German cycling facilities than with a smorgasbord of delectable Deutsch delicacies!  Vegetarian options, too.

Come join us for brats, beer, and more.

Friday, October 5th @ 6pm at Adventure Cycling.

Suggested donation: $5 members, $10 non-members. 

Registration for Food is CLOSED

Please attend the presentation if you are interested!

There are 15 signed up!

From Transportation for America:

The US Department of Transportation is gathering public input on the new MAP-21 performance measures and other metrics with a public, web-based tool that anyone can weigh in with.

The transportation bill passed by Congress in July had a lot of references to performance measures — and just as many question marks as to what those performance measures would actually be. As you can guess, exactly what we decide to measure will have a huge impact on what does and doesn’t get built in the future. What will those performance measures be? What will DOT recommend?

To help them decide on the performance measures and freight policy for the new transportation bill, USDOT is allowing the public to both submit their own ideas and vote all of the recommendations up or down with a click of the mouse. Transportation for America has created a list of ideas that we recommend that you click “agree”or “disagree” with. You’ll have to register and create an account to submit any feedback. We will monitor ideas that are submitted and send out a follow-up email later this week with more suggested ideas to support.

Here are some of the titles of ideas we recommend you click to “I agree” with and show your support:


Performance Measures

James Corless
Director, Transportation for America

Source: The Economist, September 7, 2012/Planetizen

From coast to coast, cities across the United States are experiencing a rise in bicycling. Local governments are leading the peloton, with cycle-friendly policies and increases in government funding spurring a municipal pedal pursuit.

From 1977 to 2009, bicycle travel has more than tripled in the U.S., with its respective share of all trips rising from 0.6% to 1%, reports The Economist. Chicago’s plan to become the most cycle-friendly large city in the country typifies the approach of dozens of other cities, who are wooing bicyclists to their streets with cycle-friendly policies and investments.

However, the growth in cycling has not been widespread across all demographic groups. “Almost all the growth in cycling in America has come from men aged 25-64,” says the article, with rates among women and children actually slipping, despite falling fatality rates.

“As 48% of trips in American cities are shorter than three miles, there is big potential for further growth. Yet while the future looks bright, America will struggle to catch up with northern Europe, where the proportion of local trips done by bike can be as high as 30%.”